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Started Puppies Page

What is included in the "Started Puppy Program":

  • Crate training

  • Potty training

  • Walking on a leash and easy walk harness.

  • Basic Obedience: sit, down, come, turn, & heel. 

  • Socialization around children, babies, cats, and other dogs.

  • Riding in the car. 

  • Home manners, staying off of people, furniture, etc.

 All the things listed here are "Started" on your new puppy, once the puppy comes to live with you you will need to keep up the work we have done.

Below are some pictures and testimonials of some of Cali Pals Started Puppies who are being enjoyed by their families or are currently in training. 

Tinsley/Jack Litter

Begins training  August 12th 2021
Below is a photo of Bentley

Tinsley/Jack Litter
Begins training  August 12th 2021
Below is a photo of Lexi

Tinsley/Jack Litter
Begins training  August 12th 2021
Below is a photo of Bolt

Tinsley/Jack Litter
Begins training  August 12th 2021
Below is a photo of Kaloa 

Scooby/Cruz - Started Puppy
Sandy & Ace Litter
Begins training May 15th 2021
Below is a photo of Cruz

Ruby - Started Puppy then moving on to Therapy Dog Training!
Sandy & Ace Litter
Begins training May 15 2021
Below is a photo of Ruby

Harry now Archie - Started Puppy
Sandy & Ace Litter
Begins training May 15th 2021
Below is a photo of Archie

Rose now Cali - Started Puppy
Sandy & Ace Litter
Begins training May 15th 2021
Below is a photo of Cali

Clifford - Started Puppy + 3 months of Service Dog Training. 
Sandy & Ace Litter
Begins training May 15th 2021
Below is a photo of Clifford

RJ - Started Puppy

Rain & Jackson Litter

Began training April 18th 2021

Below is a photo of RJ

Sydney/Pearl - Started Puppy
Tinsley and Trapper Litter
Begins training November 30th 2020
Below is a photo of Pearl

Ford/Sugar - Started Puppy
Tinsley and Trapper Litter
Begins training November 30th 2020
Below is a photo of Sugar 

Acapulco/Molly - Started Puppy
Tinsley and Trapper Litter
Begins training November 30th 2020
Below is a photo of Molly  

Berlin/Love - Started Puppy + 4 months of training to become a Therapy Dog
Tinsley and Trapper Litter
Begins training November 30th 2020
Below is a photo of Love

Haze/Murphy - Started Puppy

Rain and Beau Litter

Began training November 8th 2020

Below is a photo of Murphy

Ash/Kaya - Started Puppy

Rain and Beau Litter

Began training November 8th 2020

Below is a photo of Kaya

Edgar/Tucker - Started Puppy
Frankie and Finley Litter
Began training May 17th 2020
Below picture of Tucker
From Tucker's Family:

"It has been several years since we had a dog.  With the pandemic, we were home more and decided we would finally have some time to bring a dog back into our family.   We wanted a smart, loving, and calm one and found ourselves landing on the Calipals website for years.    We finally took the first step and called.  From the first email and phone call, Tricia showed her knowledge about the breed and animals in general.    We went with the started puppy program and pleased we did. Tucker came to us crate trained and with a great start of basic obedience commands. During the adjustment period, when he was getting used to his new home, Tricia quickly responded to our questions.   Tucker is kind, calm, and learns quickly.   We love him so much and highly recommend Calipals and Tricia as a trainer. "

Honey/Bailey - Started Puppy 
Rain & Beau Litter
Began training on May 14th 2020!
Below photo of Honey
Update from Bailey's Family: Tricia,

My apologies for taking so long to get back to you with a recent photo of Bailey and an update. Bailey is utterly amazing.  She is the smartest and best-mannered dog I have ever known.  We have never seen or growl or snarl her teeth.  She is fun-loving and kind to Hunter, who adores her.  They are best friends and the two are inseparable.Thank you again for all your terrific support and professionalism.

Bonnie, Todd, and Hunter

Trix/Sundea - Started Puppy
Rain & Beau Litter
Began training May 14th 2020!
Below photo of Trix

Lucky/Reesa - Started Puppy
Rain & Beau Litter
Began training May 14th 2020!
Below photo of Lucky
From Reesa's Family: 
Hi Tricia!

                                                                    Reesa is now 35+ lbs and a real sweetheart!  She is happy, healthy and still LOVES water! 

Waldo - Started Puppy and then moving onto our Service Dog Program
Frankie & Finley Litter
In Training
Below photo of Waldo

Waldo at 7 weeks old. 

Waldo at 6 months old.

Coconut/Dude - Started Puppy  
Service Dog
Tinsley & Finley Litter
From Dude's Family:
Hello Tricia Dude is a started puppy from Tinsley and Finley litter in September. He is now 10 months old and doing great with his continued training to be a service dog. He automatically knows when his boy needs him and is picking up his other tasks well, we just have to get more public access and make sure he knows not everyone want to be his friend. We love our boy.
The Marra’s
                               Left photo is when Dude was around 10 weeks old and the right photo is of Dude now at 10 months old. 

Bolt/Simba - Started Puppy
Family Pet/Therapy Dog
Frankie & Finley Puppy

Rider-Started Puppy

Family Pet

Frankie & Finley Puppy

From Rider's Family:

Hi Tricia! I'm so sorry I haven't provided an update yet, we've been busy with a bunch of school and baseball year end activities! I'm so happy school is finally out and summer is here! OMG - we have fallen head over heels in love with Rider! He has fit right into our family and we absolutely adore him! He is so smart, loving and sweet and definitely runs the show at our house now, we just love him and are so happy to have found you 🙂. He just had his 16wk appt the weekend before last and he is now just over 30 pounds, so he's growing fast! He has done excellent with the potty training, and rings his bell to go outside (we only had a few accidents the first week). He does pretty good on the leash on our walks (we have just started taking him since he got his last round of shots). He has "sit" and "down" perfected. We are still working on "stay" and "come" - he is not consistent with those yet. He is such a good boy in the house (no chewing, begging for food, or getting on the furniture). We are having a few "issues" in the backyard that we aren't sure yet how to correct. As soon as we let him out, he goes straight for the flower beds and grabs either a rock or tan bark and chews on them. If we tell him to "leave it", he listens and will leave it alone, but the minute we turn our back and are not watching him, he is right back there going for the rocks and tan bark. And then we have to chase him down to get it out of his mouth. Our vet suggested pretty much ignoring it since he may think it is a game (at least the chasing part). However, I've tried that and then he still goes for the rocks and tan bark, and now has started to dig too. So...if you have any suggestions, I'm all ears! He loves it outside and I would love to not have to constantly watch his every move. I've attached a few pictures....I left my phone at home this morning, so all I have on my computer right now 🙂. Thank you again for raising such wonderful puppies, he has certainly brought so much joy to our lives!

Below a photo of Rider!

Tiki-Service Dog in Training
Frankie & Finley Puppy
From Tiki's Owner:
Tricia, I promise I won’t say this every single day, but I feel the need to tell you how much of a perfect match Tiki and I are for each other ❤️ You are a truly special human for helping, training, and loving on her so that she could be the best she could be for me. We are inseparable and I’ve already had a moment of calmness in a panic attack when she came up to me and literally gave me a hug with her paws on my shoulders and everything.
Below photos of Tiki as a puppy and now! 
Tiki is 55 pounds at 12 months old,

Woody-Family Pet
Tinsley & Finley Puppy
From Woody's Family:
He was perfect! He is such a love and is so happy to simply be near us. He is mellow and sweet. And playful. Good with the cat and the toddler, kind of amazing....
Photos below of Woody. 

Toby-Service Dog in Training 
Tinsley & Finley Puppy

Luna-Emotional Support Dog in Training
Tinsley/Finley Puppy
From Luna's Family:
Hi Tricia,
Here are some pics of Our Luna. She came to us at 4 months fully potty and crate trained. All we needed to do was show her how to use a doggy door and she was set. She is so smart and has retained everything Diane taught her. We have since added sit pretty, roll over and bang bang, catch, settle and, my favorite, put away, to her list of tricks.  She is also very easy to correct. She was pulling on her leash for a bit and it took only 4 sessions with a private trainer to get her to loose leash walking.We are currently working on staying calm when she sees other dogs. She wants to play with all of them and loses her focus! However, she is a great emotional support animal for my son and helps to reduce his anxiety especially when we are out of the house. She understands how each of us interacts with her and adjusts accordingly. She makes us laugh with her antics and strong personality (she loves watching TV!) and always tries to defend the house every time someone drops off a package at our front door. We waited a long time to get a dog and are so happy that she is now part of our family.

Bruin-Family Pet 
Tinsley & Finley Puppy
From Bruin's Family:
Bruin got his first haircut:) He is the best dog! We get compliments on his sweet behavior all the time. We just love him so much!

Bentley- Therapy Dog in Training
Frankie & Finley Puppy
Note from Bentley's Family:
We LOVE him!!! We have had him two weeks and he is solid on commands including sit, down, turn around and getting better with stay and leave it each day. He stays for a solid minute waiting for his food. He is learning to heal on short walks even! He sleeps in his kennel all night with no problem. We just say “bed time” and he hops into his bed (with a treat). He sometimes wakes up to go potty at 4 or 5 but it’s rare and now he goes back to bed until 6:30 or so. He has quickly figured out how different people in the family play so he likes to rough house with David, play fetch with me and jump around nicely with the girls (ages 2.5 and 6.5). Over all he’s great! He’s a funny puppy, puts everything in his mouth but learning also to leave it. Biggest concern still is his eating rocks! Most of the time he spits them out but he also barfed up a rock recently so I guess not always.
Let me know if you have any questions!
Abby and Bentley
Bentley weights 70 pounds at 12 months old. 

Waffles-Family Pet
Frankie & Finley Puppy

Note from Waffles Family:
It’s been almost 2 weeks since Waffles has joined our family! She is doing great and really enjoys playing fetch, going on walks and just being a puppy! She is starting to enjoy being in her crate more and sleeping through the night. She is very chill but also loves to play. We love her so much and thank you for breeding such calm, smart and beautiful puppies!
Waffles weighs 68 pounds at 12 months old.

Prince-Therapy Dog for a Memory Care Center down in southern California. 
Tinsley & Frankie Pup
From Prince's Family:

Prince has the perfect balance of work and play. He is smart, charismatic and has an amazing temperament to adapt to all situations. He works daily at a Memory care Community where he has made such a positive impact and brought comfort and laughter to all those he comes in contact with. He is a therapy dog in training and although still a puppy, he knows when it’s work time and play time. He is definitely the most lovable, calm, smart, playful and empathetic best friend anyone could ever have.

(Photos of a puppy and now)

Sugar-Family Pet
Tinsley & Finley Pup
From Sugar's Family:

Hi Tricia! He’s doing great! He’s very good. He’s been going to work with us and he is pretty much the most popular one at work right now. Everyone is commenting about how well behaved he is for a puppy!

(Photos of Sugar when he was a puppy and now)

Teddy-Family Pet
Rain & Finley Pup
(Photo of Teddy when he was a puppy and what he looks like now)

From Teddy's Family:

Teddy is an amazing dog. He’s sweet, smart and full of energy. He came to us after going through the started puppy program. I wouldn’t do it any other way, especially since I never had a dog before. He came crate trained and new several obedience commands. He never had an accident in his crate. We skipped all the difficult crate training by having Tricia do it for us. He also came well adapted to kids, animals and all people. He loves everyone and everything but especially other dogs and us! We are so grateful for his kind heart and to Tricia for all her hard work and love she gave to him.

Misty-Family Pet
Tinsley & Finley Pup
From Misty's Family:

Hi Tricia,
Misty is doing great! She’s such a loving, playful puppy, albeit still a bit rambunctious and hyper at times.  She’s smart too.   We’re getting some training at home from Johanna at Hope for Canines.  Misty does all her lessons real well, but all bets are off if there are people around!  She was 31lbs at her last checkup about 3 weeks ago. I’m pretty sure she’s close to 40 now. I’ve attached a few pictures from the last few months with the last one taken about a week ago.  She was groomed at her last vet visit so she can see again!She has really bonded with Lisa and has done wonders for her emotionally. I’m really thankful that we were able to get such a wonderful pup like Misty.   
Don’t hesitate to ask for updates anytime, or even pay us a visit if you’re in the area.   
(Photo of Misty as a pup and now)

Blossom/Zoey-Family Pet
Rain & Finley Pup

From Zoey's Family: (Note from Tricia: Zoey had a difficult first couple of weeks with her new family, this was when our program was only 2 weeks long instead of what it is, 4 weeks long now. We decided to do a longer training program to ensure our puppies are started off right)
Hi Tricia,
Thanks for the email.  I'm glad that you've integrated more training in the program.  Zoey is doing really well now. Here's a couple of pics.

Indy-PTSD Service Dog
Emily & Finley Pup 
From Indy's Family:

I met Indy on Feb 20, 2018- after choosing him from a picture! (The ultimate internet connection )There was a pen full of very different coated puppies- completely adorable- Indy was placed in my arms, he crawled up my chest, Gave me a quick lick then nibbled my nose. His coat -velvet soft, pure puppy heaven. I was in love ! Tricia suggested the Started Puppy Program- and He began to learn. Weeks later, on National Puppy Day, He came home. House broke -used the dog door immediately - slept in his crate- Knew several commands, sit,  down, turn into a heal position, beginning stay. I strongly suggest the Started Puppy Program- it certainly made having a puppy in the house easy and full of laughter. Indy will be a year old Jan. 23- He is over 70 pounds of love. Smart, eager to learn, and always happy. He travels with me constantly. We work with two Canadian War Veterans, and Ashley Starling. The aim is to create a Service Dog worthy of the Cali Service Dog Vest!
Thank You, Tricia, your breeding program created the most magnificent Dog ! 
Merry Saltzman ....January 8, 2019
(Photos of when Indy was a pup and what he looks like now.)