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Our Planned Litters Page


Mini Multigenerational Goldendoodles
April 2024!

Mom - Penny


Dad - Charlie

Penny & Charlie are going to be bred for Mini Goldendoodles. Penny should be coming into heat again sometime in April 2024.

Puppies weight should mature to around 10-15 pounds. They will be hypoallergenic/non-shedding. 

Puppy price: $3000

Started Puppy Price: $5500

Waitlist is full until puppies are born! 

Reservation List:

1. The Hernandez Family - Started Puppy - Red - Male

2. The Huseby Family - Started Puppy - Red - Female 

3. The Burnett Family - Started Puppy - Red - Female

4. The Ratliff Family - Puppy - Female

5. The Epstein Family - Started Puppy - Male 

6. The Vargas Family - Puppy - Male

Standard Multigenerational Goldendoodles
October 2024!

Mom - Sandy

Dad - Ace

We will be breeding Sandy and Ace again sometime around October 2024. We will do a repeat breeding, as they make such amazing puppies together! This is one of our Service Dog lines. Puppies from previous litters have been trained for Service Dogs, Therapy K9 for Sheriff's Offices, Emotional Support Dogs, and amazing pets! 

Puppies will mature between 55-65 pounds. Hypoallergenic/Non-shedding. 

Puppy Price: $2500

Started Puppy Price: $5000

Reservation List:

1. Cali Pals Female

2. Spot Held for Therapy K9, Available to Departments. 

3. Spot Held for Therapy K9, Available to Departments. 

4. The Taylor Family - Puppy - Female

5. The Espindola Family - Puppy - Female



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