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Puppy Parents

Each of our breeding dogs are either our personal pets or they are placed in "Guardian Homes" to ensure they are loved and living the best life they can. 

We use Embark Genetic Testing on all of our breeding dogs. 

Meet The Parents




Generation: F2B Goldendoodle

Size: 55 pounds


She has an amazingly sweet personality. Loves everyone she meets. Confident. And a great cuddle buddy. She produces amazing Service Dog prospects. 

Parents: Tinsley (Cali Pals Retired Mama) and Finley (Cali Pals retired Dad) 

Lives with the Knight Family as her Guardian Home

Embark Testing:

1 Copy of PRCD - Must be bred to a PRCD Clear Stud.

PRCD, must have 2 copies in order for the puppies to get it.




Jack is an F1 English Goldendoodle.

He weighs 65 pounds.

He is a sweetheart! His guardian home adores him. 

Jack lives in a Guardian Home 

Embark Testing:

1 Copy of DM, recessive. (Must be bred to a female that is DM clear.)

1 Copy of ICH1, recessive. (Must be bred to a Female that is ICH1 clear.)

Stud Fee: $1900

Live breeding only




Paris is a Multigenerational (F1BB) Goldendoodle. 

She carries the parti gene. 

She is around 50 pounds.

She has a sweet temperament. She loves people. 

Parents: Tinsley (Cali Pals retired mama) and Trapper. 

Paris lives with one of Cali Pals Trainers as their personal pet.

Paris is 100% CLEAR of all genetic markers through Embark!!!




London is a F1BB Parti Goldendoodle.

He is 40 pounds

He has a calm, sweet temperament. 

He lives in a Guardian Home

Embark Tested: 

Coat Color: Fully Furnished, ee, Kbky, atat, DD, NN, Bb, Ssp, mm, rr, hh, produces tuxedo, abstract markings, and Parti when bred to a parti. 

Genetically Clear

Carries 1 copy of DMC2


Stud Fee: $1900

Live breeding only



Future Cali Pals Mama

Penny should come into heat again in February 2024!

Penny is an F1BB Mini Goldendoodle.

She will mature to 22 pounds. 

She will be living with the owner of Cali Pals.

Look for Penny's puppies in 2024

Penny is 100% CLEAR of all Genetic Markers through Embark!

CDDY Clear

Fully Furnished, ee, KBKB, atat, DD, NN, BB, Ssp, mm, rr, hh. 

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