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Cali Pals Therapy K9's

Ben, Therapy K9
Maverick and Teddy, Therapy K9

About our 
Therapy K9 Program

How we got into training Therapy K9's for the Sheriffs Office: Cali Pals has been training Service Dogs for people with Disabilities for 15+ years. Tricia Saldivar is a certified Service Dog trainer through Bergin University of Canine Studies. It is our passion to provide well trained/bred Service Dogs or puppies with the temperament for Service Dog work to people who suffer with Disabilities. Recently, Cali Pals has had the amazing opportunity to provide a Therapy K9 for the San Mateo County Sheriffs Office, Ben. Currently, Ben is working full time with his handler and so far he is doing amazing things! Because Ben has been so successful we have the opportunity to train two more Therapy K9's for the same Sheriff's Office. Maverick & Teddy have began their training with Cali Pals to become future Therapy K9's. So far they are doing amazing in their training and are very sweet/goofy 4 month old puppies! 

Interested in having a Therapy K9 trained for your department? Cali Pals offers the training of two Therapy K9's per litter that we produce. We temperament test the litter and pick the two puppies we feel would make amazing Therapy K9's. We specialize in training them like they are part of our family and that is why we only train 1-2 puppies at a time for this. We do not have small kennels where the dogs/puppies are sitting in all day until they are worked with. We work with them daily, 24/7. We use positive reinforcement, meaning while they are in training we use treats and praise as rewards. We want learning and working to be fun for them but also keep them calm and cool. Our puppies are trained to relax and settle down. We don't do any high intensity training with them because we want them to get used to a calm way of life. 

They come to you:

Crate Trained

Potty Trained (and trained to potty on command)

Obedience: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Heel, Shake, Turn, and Settle. 

Walk well on a leash, using the easy walk harness. 

Well behaved in the home. Not jumping on furniture or people. 

Socialized around children of all ages, other dogs, cats, and livestock.

They are taught to be loving and cuddly.

 Trained in public access (so that they can handle any situation thrown their way). 

Desensitized to noises, crying, loud sounds, and sometimes fireworks (if they are in training during the 4th of July). 

Please contact Tricia at for more information on getting onto our list and prices. We look forward to working with you and your department. 

Follow along with Maverick & Teddy's training through Instagram! 

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