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Guardian Home Program

Thank you for your interest in providing a Guardian Home to one of our wonderful 

breeding dogs!

Cali Pals breeds Goldendoodles, Doubledoodles and Labradoodles as pets and Service Dogs. We place our breeding stock in wonderful homes where they are loved and given tons of attention by their families.

What is a Guardian Home?

A Guardian Home is a permanent home for one of our breeding males or females. 

Where can the Guardian Home be? 

Guardian home must be 60 min (1 hour) from Cali Pals, located in Hollister CA. 

How many times is a Female used?

For the females it is breeding rights for 5 litters. Once she has produces 5 litters she will be spayed and will be your forever pet. Each puppy she produces you will be paid $50 per puppy or $300 per litter (whichever you prefer). Average litter amount is usually 5-10 puppies. (You will be paid when puppies go to their new homes). 

How many times is a Male used?

For the males it is breeding rights until the dog turns 6 years old which then we will neuter him and he will be your forever pet. Each litter he produces you will be paid $300. (You will be paid when puppies go to their new homes). 

Do I get to choose when my dog will be bred? 

No, it is Cali Pals choice if they would like to breed the dog or not.

Is the dog required to have training?

Yes, you must train your dog in obedience, and how to behave while in public places. We want to make sure that we are breeding good quality dogs who love everyone, are easy to train, and are confident. Dog must be crate trained, potty trained, walks on a loose leash, able to hangout by itself in the back yard for periods of time, stays off furniture and have a solid recall. 

If all of this sounds like something you are interested in applying for, please fill out the application below.

Please know, we do not recommend you train any of our breeding dogs to be "Your" Service Dog, although we ask that you help us train your puppy to be a good dog in public.

Guardian Home Needed!!!

Breed: Poodle

Date of Birth: 6/17/2020

Quinn is currently in training at Cali Pals home. She is being started in crate training, basic obedience, home manners, socialization, potty training, walking on a leash, etc. She is a very sweet puppy. Please let me know if you would be interested in being a Guardian Home for this lovely girl! She was pick of the litter by a great breeder. She is a Parti Chocolate and White Poodle. She will begin breeding after July 2021. 

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