Current/Future Litters

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We are currently excepting names for our Reservation List without deposits until it gets closer to when our next Mama's are going to come into heat. We have 2 mamas who will be coming into heat around the same time. Info on each litter is below. 

Once our next Mama comes into heat we will be contacting each person on the Reservation List and giving them 2 weeks to place a deposit! So the reservation list below can be separated into 2 different litters depending on what each family wants. 

Reservation List:

1. Cali Pals Pick - Female - Sandy/Ace Litter

2. Started Puppy - The Benz Family - Pending
3. Started Puppy - The Van Huijgevoort Family - Pending

4. Started Puppy - The Hamel Family - Pending

5. Started Puppy - The Makunje Family - Female - Pending

6. The Oelberger Family - Pending

7. The Nehls Family - Pending

8. The Ruiz Family - Pending

9. The McLennan Family - Pending

10. The Catania Family - Pending

11. The Bosco/Ruiz Family - Pending

Next Litter
Sandy is due to come into heat between
Dec. 2022/Jan. 2023!

We are breeding Sandy to Ace for a repeat breeding as the last 2 litters they had together were amazing!!! 
Sandy is a F2B Goldendoodle, 55 pounds. 

Ace is a Standard Red Poodle, 65 pounds.
Puppies will be F2BB Goldendoodles
Mature weight should be between 55-65 pounds. 

Contact to get on the waitlist!

F2B Goldendoodle


Standard Red Poodle


Next Litter

Paris is due to come into heat December 2022 or January 2023!

Father will be London

Puppies will be Multigenerational Goldendoodles.

Mature to be around 40-50 pounds.

Will be non-shedding and hypoallergenic (although we do not guarantee any of our dogs to be hypoallergenic as it depends on how severe the allergies are of the individual) 


Contact to get on the waitlist!

Black Parti Factored F1BB Goldendoodle


F1B Parti