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Certified Service Dog Trainers and Breeder of Goldendoodles, Labradoodles, and Double doodles!

Available Puppies Page

Puppy Pricing:

Puppy with no training: $2000 goes home at 8 weeks of age. (Beginning 2021, puppy prices will go up to $2200.)

Started Puppy: $3800 goes home at 12 weeks of age. Below is what is included in a Started Puppy Package.  (Beginning 2021, Started Puppy price will be $4,000)

  • 1 Month of Training Included
  • Basic obedience 
  • Home manners 
  • Crate training 
  • Potty training
  • Walking on a leash using the Easy Walk Harness
(Check out our "started puppy" page for more info and to see what people say about their "started puppies".)

Updated: August 7th 2020

About Our Breeding Program:

Cali Pals breeds Goldendoodles and Doubledoodles. We also specialize in Service Dog training, as the owner of Cali Pals is a Certified Service Dog Trainer. We help families train their own Service Dogs. We want our puppies to help as many people as possible! Our puppies are calm, sweet, and smart. They love attention and to be loved on by all.

All of our puppies are raised around children & people of all ages, other dogs, cats, and livestock. They are raised both indoors & outdoors, promoting potty training skills. They begin crate training around 6 weeks old, making crate training easier on the families. Puppies are also temperament tested and chosen by their families at 6-8 weeks old. Temperament testing the litter gives us an idea of who would work best as a Service Dog,Therapy Dog or a Pet Dog. We give the families as much feed back as possible to help make their decision easier. (Because it's so hard choosing between all of these adorable puppies!)

Cali Pals goal is to raise our puppies from birth using positive training technics to ensure the entire litter is developing into smart, well socialized, and loving companions. 

Cali Pals does not guarantee our puppies to be hypoallergenic! Sometimes there can be a puppy in each litter that takes after the Golden or Lab more then the Poodle. The straighter the coat the less of a chance it will be hypoallergenic and will most likely shed! 

Current Litters Below

Rain had a tiny litter of 3 puppies born on September 13th 2020.  
Puppies are F2B Doubledoodles.
Expecting puppies to be 60-75 pounds as adults.
Puppies with no training: $2,000, go home date is: November 8th.
Started Puppy's: $3800, go home date is: December 6th. 
Photos updated: September 22nd 2020!

F1 Chocolate Labradoodle

Reservation List:

1. The McCormick Family - Started Puppy

2. The Baylor Family - Curly Female

3. The Lynn Family - Started Puppy

F1B Goldendoodle

Puppy #1 
Golden Male

Puppy #2
Black Male

Puppy #3
Black Female

Excepting Litters Below

Tinsley is due to have puppies October 6th 2020!!
We are not excepting any more deposits until puppies are born!
F1BB Goldendoodles (87.5% Poodle & 12.5% Golden Retriever)
45-50 pounds mature weight
Puppies: $2000
Started Puppies: $3800
Puppies will all be solid, no parti colored puppies will be produced. 

Standard Chocolate and White Poodle

Reservation List:

1.Cali Pals Pick Female

2.The Baniel Family - Started 

Puppy/Therapy Dog

3. The Larsen Family - Started Female 

4. The Balou Family

5.The Zapruder Family - Started Female

6. The Sims Family - Puppy Male

7. The Reynosa Family - Male

8. The Brantinham Family - Puppy

9. The Guerin Family - Puppy Male

10. The Hidy Family - Curly Started Puppy

11. The Nansen Family -  Puppy - Pending

12. The Bankoski Family - Pending

F1B Goldendoodle

Sandy is due to come into heat January 2021 and we are "planning" on breeding her to Ace a Red Standard Poodle. 
F2BB Goldendoodle Puppies (81.25% Poodle & 18.75% Golden Retriever)
Puppies should be red or golden in color.
Puppies should range between 55-65 pounds. 
Puppies: $2200
Started Puppies: $4000


Reservation List:

1. Cali Pals Pick - Guardian Home Needed

2.The Hama Family - Service Dog/Started Puppy

3. The Cotone Family - Service Dog/Started Puppy

4. The Munoz Family - Started Puppy - Female 

5. The Nunez Family - Started Puppy - Female

6. The Hidy Family - Curly Started Puppy

7. The Nansen Family - Puppy - Pending

8. The Bankoski Family - Pending


Reservation List for future litters:
1.Started Puppy - The  Stapleton Family - Pending

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Curly Coated Puppy when he was 7 weeks and as an adult!

Straighter but still Doodle looking! 7 week old photo and when he got older. 

Straight Coated Puppy. 7 weeks and now.