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Is a Service Dog right for you or your child?

Here are some questions/information you should ask yourself and inform yourself about before considering a Service Dog.

  • Definition of a Service Dog: Service dogs are dogs that have been individually trained to perform a specific task for individuals who have disabilities. The Disabilities can very and so does the tasks of Service Dogs.

  • The difference between a Service Dog and an Emotional

    Support Dog? A Service Dog is a dog that has been individually trained to perform a specific task for someone who has a Disability and is protected under the ADA to assist while in public places; while an Emotional Support Dog (ESD) is a dog who is trained to comfort a person with Anxiety, Depression, and does not have public access rights.

  • Are you declared Disabled by a Doctor? Cali Pals only places Service Dogs with people who have been declared by their Doctor as Disabled. Requiring a Doctors note to qualify for our Service Dogs. Service Dog's are only for people with Disabilities such as: Hearing impairments, Diabetes, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), Autism, Epilepsy, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), etc. (Cali Pals does not train all that were mentioned).

  • Service Dog's for children: Are you prepared for the extra

    work load that this is going to be? You have a child who needs your attention while in public places already now throw a dog into the mix, are you prepared for that? It's a lot more work then you think it's going to be. The dog needs potty breaks, water, and your attention while out in public.

  • My child loves dogs and so I want him/her to have a Service Dog for her/his Autism: Your child may love dogs in short periods but owning a dog is a totally different situation. Maybe try house sitting a friends dog for about 5 days and see how your child reacts to having a dog 24/7 and then go from there.

  • What tasks would a dog perform for you or your child that would qualify you to take the dog into public places with you? Your Service Dog must (by law) perform 2 tasks pertaining to your or your children's specific disability. You need to do your research and have these 2 tasks in mind if you are getting a

    Service Dog from Cali Pals, only 2 tasks are included in your dog's training, any additional task will be an additional cost and must be discussed with Cali Pals before the pups training has started.

  • Are you willing and able to assist in training and socialization of a Service Dog? Even though you are getting a Service Dog who has been trained by a Service Dog Trainer there comes a certain amount of work that you too will have to put into the training and socialization that comes with having a dog, especially a Service Dog. Your dog may come potty trained, crate trained, obedience trained and task trained but you will have to be willing to put in some time to allow the dog to transfer all it knows to a new handler/owner. As far as the dog is concerned this is all new to them and it takes about 2 weeks of consistent training and bonding tactics to get the dog to really know you and start to trust and work with you.

  • Are you willing and able to pay for the costs that come with

    having a Service Dog? Having a dog is not cheap, they require annual vaccinations, flea medications, equipment & equipment replacement after a couple of years, they require vet visits, food, treats, etc. Some people purchase insurance on their Service Dogs since they are going out into public and most of the time this is an annual charge depending on your insurance plan.

  • Are you willing to be the center of attention? When you go into public taking your Service Dog people are going to turn their eyes on you when you enter a restaurant, mall, grocery store etc. They are going to talk about you and wonder if the dog is really a Service Dog or not, since we have so many fake service dogs these days. People get upset if your in a hurry and they ask to pet your dog and you say no, but they have to understand that it is a working dog and you have no obligation to stop and allow petting. You have to come up with a general "plan" on how to deal with people in public. Most of the time if someone reaches out and tries to pet your dog without asking we tell the dog to "Leave it" which basically tells the people the dog is not allowed to go to them.

  • Traveling with a Service Dog: A lot of people travel these days and ask about taking their Service Dog along with them. ADA law allows service dogs on airplanes when individuals with service dogs are traveling and they do not have to pay an extra fee to have their service dog by their side.

Listed below are the different Disabilities that we train Service Dogs for. Please feel free to contact us if you have a different disability that is not listed.

Autism Dog

A service dog can provide increase in mobility and socialization for the family as well as the child. In most cases the dog accompanies the child at all times. The presence of the dog calms the child, reduces emotional out bursts and serves as a positive social link for the child in the home and community. Each dog is tailored to the unique needs of the child.

We only accept the best of the best as Autism Dogs. If the dog is to work with a child the dog needs to have a certain temperament that you don't come by everyday. The dogs that Cali Pals chooses as Autism Dogs are trained to heel perfectly next to the child. This helps the child in many ways, the child is more content with walking in public on their own, they are more confident because they have their best friend right by there side, and it helps keep the child with his/her parents. We train our dogs to watch the parents for instruction; they naturally learn that the child is in their care and that they must gently keep the child in line. 

Diabetic Alert Dog
Diabetic alert dogs are helping people live better lives by alerting them to changes in their blood sugar levels before they reach dangerous lows or highs. Hearing Dogs are trained to alert a person with hearing impairments to sounds such as: the door bell, phone ringing, timer, alarm, and fire alarm. 

Hearing Dog
Hearing Dogs are trained to alert a person with hearing impairments to sounds, such as: the doorbell, phone ringing, timer, alarm, and fire alarm. 

To begin the process of obtaining a service dog please contact us at

*Attention, please only contact us for a Service Dog if you have a Disability! It is extremely illegal to take a dog out into public if you do not have a disability and we DO NOT support it! 

Please learn the law! 

Here are some fun photos of Service Dogs trained by Cali Pals! 

Knight - Service Dog

Westley - Mobility Dog 

Briar - Demo Dog 
Breeding Program

Violet - Autism Service Dog 

Muttley - PTSD Service Dog 

Sunny - Autism Dog 

Del - PTSD Service Dog.

Harper - Service Dog 

Sam - Autism Dog

Cooper - Service Dog 

Elsa - Currently in training to become an Autism Dog.
From Cali Pals Breeding Program

Buzz - Autism Dog 

Rain - Demo Dog 
Breeding Program