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Knight - PTSD Service Dog

Hi Tricia,
I want to thank you so much for
Knight. Today I looked down at him and saw how confidently he was doing his job. I could see his pride in doing his job well. He was attentive to me and to the office we were
walking through. He did things like using his whiskers to use as little clearance as possible so we could pass through
a doorway. He sat while people pet him. He lay down quietly in his usual place. He was awesome to witness. What an amazing and magnificent being. I feel so lucky and so grateful. At home he has had a huge positive influence on our family. When there’s love flowing toward Knight, there’s more love flowing between family members. And that’s great for our health and happiness. And we’ve all pulled together as a team to keep Knight’s training consistent among family members. We’re super strong on our car skills except for passing dogs. We have to work on that and children. He loves children. I think it will come with time, maturity, and practice. We’re working on long stays. We're up to 3+ minutes with low voice talking. I’m going to turn up my volume and try doing stays in different places. We’ll work through the list. People stop me all the time to mention what a magnificent dog Knight is, how they see his presence and how special he is. A friend who worked in the veterinary field for many years said that he has excellent conformation. You did a great job at picking a puppy with the perfect temperament and intelligence to be a service dog. And I’m so glad he spent the first four months of his life in training with you. That gave us and him such a great foundation.

Shadow - Started Pet Dog 

"I am so happy!" I have said this over and over and over again since November 10th when I met my Shadow. He is so good. I have mild depression that can, from time to time, slow down my productivity. I bought Shadow for a family pet, but quickly realized he is my service dog. He makes me so happy. I have gradually improved. Even though I am shy to admit so publicly my depression, I feel it might help someone to know that a puppy from CaliPals can do wonders. Thank you CaliPals.

Trish is an amazing breeder and trainer. She intuitively speaks dog. She is very professional, caring, and works very hard to make sure the right dog in placed taking into consideration many, many factors. I highly recommend Cali Pals Dog Training.

Cooper- Emotional Support Dog

 Training: September 2012-April 2013

 We highly recommend Tricia with Calipals. We were searching for a emotional support service dog last year for our 6 year old daughter.  We researched several other companies and found Tricia to be very responsive and excited to work with us. She was very familiar with the breed of dogs we were considering and helpful in finding the right breeder.
She worked with Cooper on and off for several months and he is great with our daughter. Cooper has become a key member of our family. Thank you Calipals for training Cooper. Thank you Tricia for always being so responsive when we have a question or when we need help fine tuning a skill.

The Volpas


Willow-Pet Dog

If you are looking for a wonderful pet,,,,please do  not look any farther.....
I purchased Willow a goldendoddle about a year ago from calipals and it was the best purchase I 
have ever made in my life.....and trust me I have bought expensive homes and many high priced autos.
Willow is our life,,,,,she is so well behaved and a pleasure to take anywhere.
She is almost like a human that minds very well. Very smart,and always wanting to please us.
I have never second gussed my purchase of Willow and I pray nothing ever happens to her,,,but if it did I would replace her asap....providing calipals had another dog .
Please contact Tricia she will be as honest as you would want and you won't be sorry.
Calipals  training is top of the line.....I would recommend it HIGHLY....
                                                                                             Willow's   MOM----A

Harper the Diabetic Alert Dog!

Training: June 2011- March 2012

From Phyllis: 

I'm sorry that I'm late in letting you know how Harper is: #1 SHE IS WONDERFUL AND WE ARE HAVING A GREAT COMPANIONSHIP ;MY FOREVER COMPANION!!!!!!!
She was quiet and curled up next to me on the long car ride to Bakersfield; once in Bakersfield and without her vest, she turned into a big puppy. When she met Sam, the 12 week old Corgi, at my brother's instant puppy love was born. He is so small and she is so big but they romped all over the place together wwith and without toys.. Think someone got some pics of them and will send them on. As you both said, she is a different dog in her vest. I took her to Costco on Sunday ( the place was crazy as it always is on Sun); she was a perfect working dog! We flew out later last evening and the flight was a huge success for both Harper and me as well as passengers and crew. The ticket agent changed my seating to an open row so that Harper could have her own space. The only time which made all of us laugh was when the pilot started the engines and before we moved, Harper looked out the window and gave one loud bark- almost as if to say, let's get going!

 Amy, Harper and I are off to Petco to get some doggy grass mats to lay in my walled courtyards. 
What a total ANGEL she is! Tomorrow she and Libby (my 16 year old cat) will meet. Libby is boarding at the vets so she'll come home with us after Harper's appointment.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! Phyllis  


Darla/Lexi with her new family. Fully Trained Pet Dog

 Training: October 2010-June 2011

Hi Tricia, its Joy lexis mommie. Im so glad we spoke as now I get to see where she came from and see her as a pup. I love that! She is an amazing blessing in our lives and I want to Thank you for her. She got me through one of the most devastating times in my life when my Ginger Spice died. She knew just what it took to cheer me up  and remember Ginger as she has so many features the Ginger did and even acts like her at times. She is such a wonderfull addition to our family. We love her so much! Call me anytime if you need to and like I said, if you are ever in the area, come see her! We go to San Diego once a year, so maybe we could swing by so she could see u too! Thanks! Sincerely Joy


PenBrooke- Fully Trained Pet Dog

Training: February-October 2010 

Hello Diane and Tricia,

  Penbrooke has been with us for one month and we are so pleased with her. She loves to meet new people and always gets complements on how well she is trained. She is perfectly housebroken,and obeys all of her commands The time and loving effort you put into her has given us a wonderful companion. From the first phone call to the day we received Penbrooke we have been pleased with the process. Thanks again for training Penbrooke.

Karol Honeycutt



Pippin, my daughter, friend, guardian, guard dog and housemate/partner- we have now been together for two months and the learning continues. To bring you up to now, we have bounded completely and in true Labradoodle style. For me, she reminds me in so many ways of my Sister and Nephew’s doodles. She is loveable like “Teddy” and boundless energy likes “Bernie” and she has made a major difference in my life has a cancer survivor. We have nearly completed her medical background, bottom line she is very healthy and growing. Soon she and I will take some classes on social graces, calm the barking down at any sound. Leash, walking, crossing the street on command is excellent. Combing her is now a bit more acceptable by her and she loves the pool. She adores and plays well with the dog across the street. They so much in common, both have Lab mixes; Zoey is 45 lbs. & 3 ins. Shorter to Pippin’s 43 lbs. and 20ins tall. But they play together like birth mates. Those play sessions are amazing and a joy for my eyes. I realize your work and training of dogs are for special needs. But Pippin fits and fills my special needs and I am very thankful that we found each other. So your work is well done and suited.  Thank you!

Ric Todd





Sam-Autism Service Dog

 Hi, Diane & Tricia

Sam continues to do well, he passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen class in May.  He's a wonderful companion for both boys--a calming influence for Kane and a playmate for Connor.  We initially wanted Sam for Kane, to assist him with the many challenges of autism.  We never realized that Sam would also be invaluable for Connor, a constant companion to provide interaction and attention for Connor when Kane can not.  Sam is a perfect match for our boys and much of his success has come from the strong base that you provided.  Sam came to us with consistent knowledge of both verbal commands and hand signals.  The hand commands, especially, have been essential when using Sam for public access. Sam shines when he's out in the community in vest!  He lays quietly under tables in restaurants and behaves beautifully in stores and doctor's offices.  We are also so pleased with Sam's socialization to all possible environments.  We have never found any situation where he has flinched, been hesitant, growled or was out-of-sorts.  The time that you spent exposing Sam to different surroundings has payed-off with his ability to move confidently forward into any situation.  Sam is perfectly housebroken; he's never had one accident in the house from the day he arrived!  There also was wonderful reciprocal communication to make us feel a part of Sam's training.  You sent lots of photos and spent time on the phone keeping us updated on Sam's progress.  We can't thank you enough for the time and effort that you put into Sam; we are thrilled with the results!

Megan DiIorio
Pittsburgh, PA











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