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Listed below are the different Disabilities that we train Service Dogs for. Please feel free to contact us if you have a different disability that is not listed.


PTSD Service Dog

A service dog trained for someone with PTSD provides companionship which helps lift the mood and helps with stressful situations. We teach our PTSD service dogs here at Cali Pals to interrupt behaviors like crying and sadness. We train the dog to sleep in the person's bed to help with night terrors. We also teach the dog to turn on the light for people who are nervous in the dark and freeze up by not being able to see. Being alone and nervous that someone could be around a corner is also helpful when taking a dog into public, such as going into a bathroom. You feel better protected when you have your Service Dog by your side. Each dog's training is tailored to each individual person's needs.  

Autism Dog

A service dog can provide increase in mobility and socialization for the family as well as the child. In most cases the dog accompanies the child at all times. The presence of the dog calms the child, reduces emotional out bursts and serves as a positive social link for the child in the home and community. Each dog is tailored to the unique needs of the child.

We only accept the best of the best as Autism Dogs. If the dog is to work with a child the dog needs to have a certain temperament that you don't come by everyday. The dogs that Cali Pals chooses as Autism Dogs are trained to heel perfectly next to the child. This helps the child in many ways, the child is more content with walking in public on their own, they are more confident because they have their best friend right by there side, and it helps keep the child with his/her parents. We train our dogs to watch the parents for instruction; they naturally learn that the child is in their care and that they must gently keep the child in line. 

Diabetic Alert Dog
Diabetic alert dogs are helping people live better lives by alerting them to changes in their blood sugar levels before they reach dangerous lows or highs. Hearing Dogs are trained to alert a person with hearing impairments to sounds such as: the door bell, phone ringing, timer, alarm, and fire alarm. 

Hearing Dog
Hearing Dogs are trained to alert a person with hearing impairments to sounds, such as: the doorbell, phone ringing, timer, alarm, and fire alarm. 

To begin the process of obtaining a service dog please contact us at [email protected]

*Attention, please only contact us for a Service Dog if you have a Disability! It is extremely illegal to take a dog out into public if you do not have a disability and we DO NOT support it! Please learn the law! 

Here are some fun photos of Service Dogs trained by Cali Pals! 

Knight - Service Dog

Westley - Mobility Dog 

Briar - Demo Dog 
Breeding Program

Violet - Autism Service Dog 

Muttley - PTSD Service Dog 

Sunny - Autism Dog 

Del - PTSD Service Dog.

Harper - Service Dog 

Sam - Autism Dog

Cooper - Service Dog 

Elsa - Currently in training to become an Autism Dog.
From Cali Pals Breeding Program

Buzz - Autism Dog 

Rain - Demo Dog 
Breeding Program

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