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Previous Puppies!

October 4th 2017 Litter from Rain & Finley

Moon now Sedona is SOLD as a pet puppy to the Yi family in Santa Clara, CA.

Raven has joined our "Service Dog" program and is AVAILABLE for sale as a Service Dog only! Please e-mail us for more information!

Pumpkin now Tucker is in training to become a Service Dog in Ruckersville, VA. 

Forrest now Teddy is joining our "Started Puppy" program and will be a pet to the Agacanyan family in Morgan Hill, CA.

October now Max is going to be a pet puppy for Claudia in San Jose, CA. 

April 6th 2017 Litter from Rain & Finley

Ozzy is SOLD as a "started puppy" to the Rich family in Los Gatos, CA. 

Zeke is SOLD as a "started puppy".

He will be living with the Formolo family in Half Moon Bay, CA.

Finn is SOLD! He lives with the Kerr family in Mountain View, CA. 

Bochy is SOLD and now lives with the Flora family in Santa Clara, CA. 

Piper is SOLD and has joined our "started puppy" program! 

Hailey is in training to become a Service Dog!

Hollister, CA.

Sandra now Sadie lives with the 

Daisy is joining our Service Dog Program. She will be  living with the Howard Family in Texas!

Caleb is sold and went to live with the Lee family in San Leandro, CA. 

Debbie/Zoey is SOLD! 

Morgan Hill, CA. 

From Zoey's family:

She's doing great!! We taught her how to play dead and bark on command. She is fully potty trained. And she loves to go on the quad.

March 19th 2017 Litter from Briar & Finley

Thor is 


San Jose, CA.

Lumiere is SOLD!

San Francisco, CA.

Beauty is Sold to the Bruno Family!

Los Gatos, CA. 

Buddy is joining our "started puppy" program. He will be a Therapy Dog with his owner who is a teacher!

Santa Cruz, CA. 

Belle is in training to become a Service Dog for a little girl.

San Jose, CA.

Cogs worth is SOLD!

Mountain Veiw, CA.

Bentley is joining the "started puppy" program and will be an Emotional Support Dog for his owner.

Los Gatos, CA. 

January 26th 2017 Litter from Blair & Finley

Titan is in training to become a Service Dog for a little boy with Autism. 

Hollister, CA.

Dexi went to live with a family is Hollister, CA.

Nate went to live with the Dang Family!

Dex is in training to become a Diabetic Alert Dog for a little boy with Diabetes.

Hollister, CA.

Chuck is going to live with a family in Berkley, CA.

Jenny now Callie went to live with the Pipkin Family is Gilroy, CA. 

October 7th 2016 Litter from Rain & Finley

Rusty is a "Started Pet" and he is living with the Tate Family in San Jose, CA. 

Photos of Rusty from birth to 12 weeks old!

Hope is in training as a Service Dog!

Photos of Hope from birth to 6 months old!

Blaze is in training to become an Autism Dog! Photos of Blaze from birth to 4 months old! 

Asha went to live with the Weinreb Family!

Photos of Asha from birth to 6 months old!

Autumn now Stella went to live with the Wooliever Family! 

Photos of Autumn from birth to 6 months old!

August 29th 2016 Litter from Briar & Finley

Snickerdoodle is in training to become an Autism Service Dog.

Shadow is SOLD! His owner is training him to become a Diabetic Alert Dog. 

Carly with her new boy! 

From Carly's family:

Hi Tricia,

My family including Carly are all trying to adopt to many changes to our lives, but we are all happy. She is so calm and cute. She follows us everywhere we go just like a baby.  She had physical check up. All looked good. Please add me to your distribution list for any training
session. I am sending you couple picture of her. One with my son.

Lace is in training to become a Service Dog.

Knight is a Certified  PTSD Service Dog!

Thanks for your answer about the patio furniture. We’ll keep the covers on. I want to thank you so much for Knight. Today I looked down at him and saw how confidently he was doing his job. I could see his pride in doing his job well. He was attentive to me and to the office we were walking through. He did things like using his whiskers to use as little clearance as possible so we could pass through a doorway. He sat while people pet him. He lay down quietly in his usual place. He was awesome to witness. What an amazing and magnificent being. I feel so lucky and so
grateful. At home he has had a huge positive influence on our family. When there’s love flowing toward Knight, there’s more
love flowing between family members. And that’s great for
our health and happiness. And we’ve all pulled together as
a team to keep Knight’s training consistent among family
members. We’re super strong on our car skills
except for passing dogs. We have to work on that and
children. He loves children. I think it will come with time,
maturity, and practice. We’re working on long stays.
We're up to 3+ minutes with low voice talking. I’m
going to turn up my volume and try doing stays in different
places. We’ll work through the list. People stop me all the time to mention what a magnificent dog Knight is, how they see his presence and how special he is. A friend who worked in the veterinary field for many years said that he has excellent conformation. You did a great job at picking a puppy with the perfect temperament and intelligence to be a service dog. And I’m so glad he spent the first four months of his life in training with you. That gave us and him such a great foundation.

Nick (now Shadow) went to live with his new family, the Davis family!

San Jose, CA.

From Shadow's Owner:

"I am so happy!" I have said this over and over and over again since November 10th when I met my Shadow. He is so good. I have mild depression that can, from time to time, slow down my productivity. I bought Shadow for a family pet, but quickly realized he is my service dog. He makes me so happy. I have gradually improved. Even though I am shy to admit so publicly my depression, I feel it might help someone to know that a puppy from CaliPals can do wonders. Thank you CaliPals.

December 21st 2014 Litter from Briar & Dudley


Tinsel - Male




Bella - Female


Dexter - Male

Started Pup

Dexter & Luna live together!


Luna - Female

Started Pup

Dexter & Luna live together! 


Sven - Male 

From Sven's (now Tahoe) Family:

We really couldn't be happier. He fit into our family right away. Tahoe is so obedient, affectionate, gentle, patient, he's eager to please, and playful. He's such a joy. 

He is fully potty trained, can sit, stay, come, lay down, roll over, turn around, heel, "drop it" ( with four kids leaving stuff laying around, this is huge) he won't eat his food until he has his "OK" command and he loves his crate! He went to the groomers yesterday and tomorrow he gets his last set of shots. 


Hans - Male


Snow - Female


Del now Strider- Male

Working PTSD Service Dog 


Elsa - Female

Joining the Service Dog Program as an Autism Dog.


Bentley - Male

Started Pup

July 31st 2015 Litter from Briar & Dudley



From Roxy's Family: She is, and we are! She's SOOO smart. As the vet said, she's so smart she can train herself. And she's very tolerant of my boys' big energy. She doesn't react to their whoopin' and hollering'. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect dog for our family...thank you!!!


Deirks (now Pluto)

Service Dog in Training!

From Pluto's family: Pluto is growing and learning so much. He has one more set of puppy shots left. He is learning to love car rides and is working on his commands. He and Riley are doing really well together.



"started puppy" program!



Reba completed our "Fully Trained Pet Dog" program.

She is so calm, sweet, and smart! We just love her personality! So far Reba is crate trained, potty trained, walks well on a leash, loves to play with kids and just hang out around the house and yard. She is in training at the Clarkson's Ranch on 5 acres where she is taught to stay with her handler around horses, chickens, cows, sheep, turkeys, other dogs, cats, etc. She is doing very well! She also knows all of her basic obedience: sit, down, stay, come, heel, shake, turn, etc. 


Abby is now working as a Diabetic Alert Dog.

San Jose, CA.


Blair lives in Aptos Ca with her new family!


Blake (now Cisco) 


From his family: Cisco- OMG! What a character, so much fun, so much personality & a wonderful addition to our family- he finished his first puppy class and has started his next-he's so darn smart I think he might be able 2 help the kids with their homework soon.




Joining our "Started Pup" Program!