Cali Pals Service Dogs

Training of Service Dogs, Diabetic Alert Dogs, Hearing Dogs, Autism Dogs, & Fully Trained Pet Dogs!

About Us

Cali Pals Dog Training specializes in Service Dog Training.

 We train Service Dogs for Autism, Diabetes, Hearing Impairments, and Mobility Issues. 

Cali Pals also provides private training sessions for Service Dogs as well as pet dogs. 

We are located in San Jose, Ca and are a family owned business. 

We have raised and trained many Service Dogs in the United States as Autism and Mobility Impairment dogs. 

Types of Service Dogs Cali Pals Trains


A service dog can provide increase in mobility and socialization for the family as well as the child. In most cases the dog accompanies the child at all times. The presence of the dog calms the child, reduces emotional out bursts and serves as a positive social link for the child in the home and community. Each dog is tailored to the unique needs of the child.


Mobility impairments: 

Our service dogs are trained to help give you independence and companionship. They are taught to help with dropped items, opening doors, flipping switches for lights or automatic doors, and pulling a wheel chair. Please contact for more information.


Hearing Impairments: 

We train dogs for people with Hearing Impairments. We train them to alert to the door bell, the phone, smoke alarms, oven timers, baby crying, security alarms, and other important sounds that you may request your Hearing Dog to learn.


Diabetic Alert Dog: 

We train the dog to be able to detect low blood sugar levels.  They also help with picking up dropped items, and turning on lights. 

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